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Sunday's love

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sir William

This is my cat that I lived with for 3 years , he lived with me in the
traincar and when I moved I took William but 3 times he left our new
house and headed back to the fairhaven libray , I wouldn't see him for
a year. But he would turn up about once a year and I'd capture him and
take him to my new home. Yesterday I was walking by the library and I
called out for him and he came running up! It's been 3 years since he
last left my house on chuckanut drive and found his way back. He was
so happy to see me we rolled around on the sidewalk and purrs where
had by both. He followed me to the bus stop a block away and meowed as
I got on the was pure magic to see him healthy after all this
time. I love you sir William

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Buck with bird and carburator

Ive Been doing a lil drawing lately

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Hand made motorcycle manual


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media center i built, including table .